9 Stores Like Lucy in the Sky for Your Signature Fashion Statement

December 12, 2023

Lucy in the Sky is undeniably a trendy and affordable fashion online-shop known for its amazing plenty of fast fashion pieces that cater to the latest trends. While it’s a go to for those seeking cute dresses, trendy tops, and sexy bottoms, there’s an emerging desire for more inclusive alternatives.

From High-end and chic alternatives to mid-range and budget-friendly options, in addition to online shopping havens, there are a lot of stores like Lucy in the Sky you can explore.

If you’re ready to take your fashion game to the next level, explore these unique brands that offer sophistication without compromising style.

Upscale Alternatives to Lucy in the Sky

Are you a big Lucy in the Sky fan but want something more high-end? Think that the outfits you own are too mainstream? These chic options won’t disappoint you. 

House of CB

Known for its premium designs, House of CB is a clothing brand that seamlessly blends elegance with modern trends.

Their pieces boast impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring you stand out at any event. House of CB provides a diverse plenty of styles, embracing inclusivity and celebrating the female form.


Both brands offer Instagram-worthy, on-trend designs with a wide range of everyday wear, prom dresses, and head-turning styles for special occasions. 


House of CB uses higher-quality feminine materials, giving your outfits a luxurious feel you might not get from your Lucy in the Sky purchases. There’s an emphasis on a sophisticated and edgy selection of dresses, helping you find the perfect dress for any occasion in no time. 

But that’s not all. You can guarantee that your clothing item will fit right compared to Lucy in the Sky, as it tends to run small. 

Club L

If you’re searching for glamour and sophistication, Club L is your brand.

This UK-based label specializes in chic and stylish pieces suitable for any upscale event, paying close attention to inclusive sizing.


Both brands won’t disappoint fashionistas with regular launches of new styles. They’re among fashion lovers’ favorite stores for trendy and elegant styles. 


Club L is famous for its wide range of elevated and glamorous timeless designs, with a special emphasis on quality fabrics. The sizing is tailored for a more refined fit, with sizes up to 24 offering every confident woman the opportunity to express her fashion sense and look her best. 


Meshki, an Australian brand, brings a unique blend of minimalism and sophistication to the fashion scene.

Clean lines, luxurious and less common materials like leather and latex, and a contemporary edge characterize their pieces. Meshki is committed to offering a range of sizes to ensure every woman can indulge in their fashion-forward pieces.


Lucy in the Sky and Meshki keep up with current trends, offering a vast range of clothing items for everyday wear and special occasions. 


The sizing range of Meshki is more inclusive, allowing curvy and plus-sized women to wear cute outfits they might not be able to buy elsewhere. With the flattering silhouettes of their knit dresses, two-tone pieces, and party outfits, this brand is your destination for feminine wear. 

Nevertheless, this brand specializes in minimalistic designs for those who want to look like old money with a futuristic fashion sense. Moreover, their swimwear collection is outstanding. 

Mid-Range Stores to Replace Lucy in the Sky

For those looking for trendy clothes, these fantastic stores offer a wide selection of mini dresses, formal dresses, and everything in between. But that’s not the best part, they’re in the same price range o Lucy in the Sky, so you won’t break the bank to change your fashion style. 


Dynamite is a Canadian brand celebrated for its versatile fashion styles. Known for its chic yet affordable clothing, Dynamite caters to the modern, fashion-forward woman, offering a wide range of wardrobe essentials and excelling at attention-grabbing party wear. 


Both brands are famous for their contemporary styles that radiate a youthful and vibrant vibe. Moreover, new collections of stylish clothing items are regularly introduced to cater to the needs of all fashion lovers. 


Dynamite puts a slightly higher emphasis on contemporary fits. The fabric quality tends to be a notch above what Lucy in the Sky offers, making Dynamite the go-to choice for those looking for elegant outfits for special occasions. 

If you’re looking for sexy cuts and flashing sequin fabrics, this brand won’t disappoint you. While Lucy in the Sky offers clothes for curvy women, this brand suits women on the leaner side with XXS sizes. 

Princess Polly

Princess Polly is an Australian brand that embodies a bohemian-chic aesthetic infused with a playful spirit.

Recognized for its vibrant and eclectic styles, Princess Polly attracts those who prefer a free-spirited fashion.


Trendy items are available in both brands, with little details that can transform a plain dress into a work of art. 


Princess Polly is what fashionistas need when they’re looking for bohemian statement pieces. From floral dresses to lace-up backs, their feminine dresses bring out the divine feminine in every woman. Moreover, they’re characterized by a vintage collection of dresses from the 80s and 90s that everyone will enjoy for affordable prices. 

Although both brands offer a wide range of dresses and other clothing items, Princess Polly uses a slightly higher-quality fabric, focusing on a more relaxed fit. 

Alternatives to Lucy in the Sky That Won’t Break the Bank

Luckily, some brands are a lot like Lucy in the Sky, offering trend-focused fashion on a budget. They provide a wide array of options for those seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving fashion world.


Missguided is a UK-based brand renowned for its unapologetically bold and flirty fashion. Catering to a diverse and empowered audience, Missguided embraces the latest styles at affordable prices, making it a go-to destination for those seeking fast fashion with a distinctive edge.


Both brands’ dresses, tops, and bottoms cater to those looking for fun, bold, flirty, and glamorous outfits for a date night, going out with friends, and just chilling. 


Missguided has a slightly edgier and bold aesthetic. You won’t have a problem browsing their selection of dresses as they offer different styles that suit every personality and body type. 


Boohoo stands out as a global fashion brand known for the fast-paced production of funky styles.

With an extensive range of clothing, Boohoo caters to a broad audience, offering many options for those looking to stay fashion-forward without paying hundreds of dollars for a single clothing item. 


Every fashion lover won’t struggle to find whatever they’re looking for on Boohoo. This brand rapidly responds to global fashion influences, so you’ll find the latest styles in party dresses, everyday wear, and other fashionable pieces. 


Boohoo is famous for its inclusive sizing, catering to various body shapes and styles. Their plus size line shouldn’t be missed for the sexy and bold clothing items offered regularly. 

Since it’s a global brand, you can find more than just a flirty dress. Boohoo offers a huge selection of fashionable apparel for office wear, everyday lounging, and special events. 

Online Retailers You Shouldn’t Miss

These online fashion retailers offer an expansive online shopping experience to help you get more items that look like Lucy in the Sky’s signature outfits. 


Shein has become a global fashion phenomenon, offering various trendy styles at budget-friendly prices. Known for its quick turnaround on the latest fashion trends, Shein caters to a diverse audience looking for affordable and accessible fashion choices.


Both brands offer a swift response to current fashion trends, with an extensive variety of styles. 


Shein features a broader global influence in style choices, with more inclusive sizing, often with a focus on contemporary fits. But it doesn’t stop here. Of all Lucy in the Sky alternatives, Shein has the highest discount percentage and the most regular online sales. 

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova has gained popularity for its curve-positive approach and trend-setting styles. This US-based brand emphasizes inclusivity with a wide range of sizing and risqué options that aim to make fashion accessible and empowering for all body types.


Fashion Nova and Lucy in the Sky are safe destinations for those looking for a wide variety of everyday and sophisticated styles. They update their websites regularly with the latest fashionable pieces that fashionistas would love. 


If you think Lucy in the Sky is too safe, Fashion Nova will be the right place to explore bold statement pieces. It’s more inclined to the needs of curvy women with figure-hugging designs that accentuate their femininity. 

Most styles are suitable for parties, special events, and intimate settings, with a few items that can be worn in the office or a formal setting. 

Wrap Up

Your personal style is an ever-evolving narrative that transcends brand boundaries. By curating pieces from various fashion destinations, you have the flexibility to express your individuality.

While these brands share a lot with Lucy in the Sky, your unique fashion journey allows you to blend styles, experiment with trends, and, ultimately, define your distinctive aesthetic.