2024 Fashion Trends: Must-Have Pieces That Redefine Style

November 21, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, a fresh set of fashion trends is on the horizon. There are plenty of new silhouettes, colors, and styles to be excited about, from micro-mini shorts to low-rise pants to 3D florals. Let’s explore what 2024’s fashion trends have in store for us. 

Roseate Radiance

Given the massive success Barbie (2023) has seen, you’d expect the runway writhe with the bright shade of Barbie Pink. Surprisingly, that was not the case. 

Pink still made a massive comeback, of course, but we’re talking millennial pink—a soft, delicate salmon pink that has become associated with a gender-neutral aesthetic. 

From elegant pink gowns that exuded grace to playful pink mini dresses that added a youthful charm, millennial pink has undoubtedly stolen the show with its subtle yet impactful presence. 

Sandy Liang, Carolina Herrera, and Tory Burch are among the few who have fully embraced the hue this season. 

Shimmer and Shine 

With the 2024 Olympics right around the corner, Paris went all out with metallics. 

Gold, silver, and bronze were a staple on the runway, with gilded evening gowns that shimmered like liquid sunshine and metallic sheens that enveloped models in a radiant glow. 

Muted, lacquered, and brushed metallics wowed the crowd as looks from Alexander McQueen, Rabanne, and Ralph Lauren took center stage. 

Waistline Revival

We’ve seen our fair share of belly buttons on this year’s runways, but the ‘fits at London Fashion Week definitely had us doing a double-take. 

Low-rise jeans, low-rise skirts, and low-rise shorts—often accessorized with super-wide boho-era belts, belly chains, and mesh cover-ups—paraded down the runway, spearheaded by David Koma, Victor VIRGILE, and Marni. 

We know what you’re thinking—low-rise pants are totally 2015, and the thought of them going back in style is a bit of a fashion cringe. But as we’ve seen time and time again, trends often experience a revival. This is one of those times. 

You might want to dig up your old pair of low-rise bottoms or hit the stores for a trendy new one because, believe it or not, they’re making a comeback.

No Pants, No Problem

Not a big fan of low-rise bottoms? No biggie—how about we ditch them altogether? 

That’s right, the no-pants look made a statement at London Fashion Week. 

In place of pants, Miu Miu, Tom Ford, and Acne Studios showcased a range of underwear as outerwear options, pairing them with trench coats, collared shirts, sheer tanks, and bomber jackets. 

Mega Bags

Larger-than-life accessories are a constant at 2024 fashion shows, but what was particularly noteworthy is the near-constant inclusion of mega bags. 

From enormous hobo bags with intricate detailing to colossal bucket bags that could store a week’s worth of clothing (and then some), the runway proved that bigger is indeed better. 

Jacquemus’s mini bags have no place in 2024, it seems!

Fashion as Sculpture

The advent of AI has taken the world by storm, and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. As a response—or rather riposte—to the soulless and seemingly flawless perfection of AI designs, designers from Y/Project, Louis Vuitton, and Rick Owens went all out with sculptural volumes. 

Designers made dresses with three-dimensional textures, suits with exaggerated proportions, and ensembles with avant-garde silhouettes, showing fashion lovers that AI can never truly match the passion and creativity of a human touch. 

3D Florals 

Gardencore is in full bloom in the 2024 fashion landscape, and we’re all for it. 

Balmain’s designs are reminiscent of large bouquets, while Marni—though a bit jarring at first glance—turned multicolored floral appliqués into a brow-rising gown. 

Rolf Ekroth and Simone Rocha incorporated fresh-cut blooms into suits and dresses, with leaves, thorns, and all. 

Bags also got the flower treatment, with pieces rendered with rose stems and petals. 

Collar-Free Chic

We’ve seen collarless suits make an appearance every so often on the runway, but nothing quite like those showcased in 2024’s fashion scene. Collar-free outfits exuded refined minimalism, with a clear emphasis on clean lines and precise tailoring. 

The absence of a traditional collar brought a modern edge to the suits, creating a classy and contemporary aesthetic. It made traditional, run-on-the-mill suits feel more dynamic through sharp shoulder pads and streamlined silhouettes.

Childhood Charm

Kidcore wasn’t on our 2024 fashion trend checklist, but we can’t say we’re particularly mad about its unexpected arrival. 

With its playful and nostalgic aesthetic, kidcore stealthily tiptoed into the fashion scene, leaving a trail of whimsy in its wake. 

Vibrant colors, playful knits, and oversized vests and sweaters were featured in the collections of Moschino, Colin LoCascio, and JW Anderson. 

Apron Allure

Who said aprons belong exclusively in the kitchen? 

Aprons of all varieties, from bibs to butchers to utility aprons, have stepped out of their traditional domain and onto the fashion stage. 

They weren’t just afterthoughts, either; big-name designers from Hermès, Christian Dior, and Courrèges showcased several pieces that had aprons as focal points. 

Circus Fashion 

If you’ve always admired the colorful and wacky outfits of circus performers, you’ll be glad to know that you can rock the look in style this coming 2024. 

The trend first appeared in Look 35 at Louis Vuitton before other designers hopped on the bandwagon soon after. 

From acrobats and tightrope walkers to magicians and lion tamers, there’s no limit to the inspiration drawn from the circus world. Vibrant patterns, bold stripes, and whimsical accessories are staples of this fashion trend. 

Not Your Typical Trench Coat 

London’s Fashion Week was generous with its redesigned trench coats. Instead of the classic Castiel-from-Supernatural trench coat, designers put their own signature spin on the basic with asymmetrical button lines, cinched-in waistbands, and rolled-up collars. 

We especially loved the coats from the Burberry S/S 24 collection, which featured a zipper straight across the waistline among others. Simple, yet functional.  

Bridal Suits 

By now, you’ve probably noticed that most of 2024’s fashion trends lean toward gender neutrality. Bridal suits are another one of these examples. 

Spring/Summer ‘24 runways welcomed an array of white suits. Short, flowy, long, tailored—there’s a style for every event and season. 

Designers Simone Rocha and Bevza heavily leaned towards the bridal aesthetic with their loose-fitting, all-white suits, accessorized with pearl necklaces and stilettos. 

Transparent Skirt

Dubbed by Vogue France as the “most daring skirt trend of 2024,” transparent skirts embody the audacious spirit of fashion evolution. 

We’ve seen similar trends before, like the sheer and lace trends of the 2000s and the barely-there slip dress from the 1990s. 

Like these older trends, transparent skirts empower women to reclaim authority over their bodies and express their individuality without fear. 

The trend made waves in the fashion community, so much so that Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris has plans to dedicate an entire exhibition that centered on transparency. The exhibition will be displayed from Feb, 9 to Aug. 25, 2024, under the name Le pouvoir des matières

Future-Inspired Fashion

Futuristic fashion always seems to sneak its way into the latest fashion trends—not that we’re complaining. 

This year, designers went all out with sharp silhouettes, bold shoulders, and metallic accents. But unlike last year’s trend of big and messy, 2024’s futuristic fashion embraces a more refined and structured approach. 

Most styles showcased sleek aesthetics with ultra-tailored silhouettes and mirrored mosaics. Others discarded accessories entirely and kept it simple with clean lines, black and white, and solid hues. 

We wouldn’t be surprised that, in a galaxy far, far away, this would be the stuff humanoid aliens wear on a daily basis. 

Sporty Chic

As it currently stands, sporty attire isn’t the most imaginative or head-turning. Jerseys, tracksuits, and sneakers are comfortable, but they don’t belong on the runway—or so we thought. 

Spring 2024 is all about pairing classic sportswear with tailored or festive pieces to strike a balance between sporty casual and sporty chic. The Row paired satin pants with a windbreaker, Louis Vuitton with skirts, and Wales Bonner with blazers. 

Wrapped in Style

It was popular then and still popular now; draping, no matter the year, will always be in style—and for good reason. 

Draping not only allows you to experiment with different designs, shapes, fabrics, and styles but also lets you create outfits that complement and enhance the body’s natural curve. 

Milan’s fashion week was all about drapes, as seen in the collections of Blumarine, Rabanne, and Loewe.


There’s no doubt that 2024 is delivering a diverse array of fashion trends, each with its unique charm and influence. You’ll see plenty of unexpected pairings and fresh twists on casual styling, from the audacious transparency of skirts to the sleek, structured allure of futuristic fashion. 

We can’t pick a favorite, so we instead ask you: which of these fashion trends resonate with you the most?