15 Stores Like PacSun: All the Alternatives You Need

December 20, 2023

Usually, when we’re browsing the collections at PacSun, we’re looking for fresh, comfortable, and trendy pieces. You know, the sort of pieces that look good either on a vacation or when we’re hanging out with friends around the corner.

For today’s post, we tracked down stores like PacSun, stocking everything from high-quality building blocks you’ll treasure forever to impulse-buy swimsuits and accessories.

We’ll be looking at brands that are already available on PacSun, brands that aren’t (but still share the same effortless Cali vibe), and a couple of multi-brand retailers. Let’s get to it!

Collection Overlap: 5 Brands You’ve Seen in PacSun

1. Free People

Since we’re starting with brands that PacSun carries, we have to mention Free People. Free People echoes PacSun’s laidback California vibe with its breezy dresses, flowy tops, and loungewear.

Though Free People leans toward a higher price point and artisanal aesthetic, customers find a crossover between the two brands in feminine tops and unique swimwear.

Similarities between PacSun and Free People:

  • Both have a relaxed aesthetic
  • Great place to pick up swimwear

2. Billabong

In Billabong, the emphasis stays on high-quality pieces ideal for surfing and snowboarding pursuits. So, if you hit PacSun for outfits for your outdoor adventures, Billabong might be the right alternative for you.

Similarities between PacSun and Billabong:

  • Highlight durable materials suitable for beach and sports
  • Attracts adventurous spirits

3. Roxy

Roxy’s eye-catching selection of shirts and swimwear at PacSun stores mirrors its own focus on fuss-free apparel for coastal getaways and active lifestyles. All in all, it’s a great store for summer fashion essentials.

Similarities between PacSun and Roxy:

  • Known for durable surf/swim-oriented apparel
  • Provide casual, laidback styles with SoCal vibe

4. Quiksilver

Much like PacSun, Quiksilver embodies Californian styles. This store is the place to go for all your vacation needs, from sweatshirts to quality flip-flops.

Similarities between PacSun and Quiksilver:

  • Full of surfwear and accessories
  • Vibe ties to California surf culture

5. Princess Polly

PacSun’s brand list doesn’t only cater to surfwear and boho styles—there are cute outfits, too!

And Princess Polly jumps to mind immediately. It just delivers a taste of affordable fast fashion with of-the-moment trends. Don’t forget to check the 12 stores like Princess Polly.

Similarities between PacSun and Princess Polly:

  • On-trend, youthful aesthetic
  • Frequently updated collections and styles

Brands With PacSun-Like Vibes

6. Urban Outfitters

If you dig PacSun’s laidback style but want more graphic tee and denim options, American Eagle has got you covered.

You’ll find everything from hoodies to dresses that empower teens and young adults alike to rock their own style. While you’re there, why not check out the UO Home collection and spice up your room as well?

Just keep in mind that UO can be a bit more expensive than PacSun.

Similarities between PacSun and UO:

  • Youthful, casual Americana styles
  • Encourages personal flair

7. Madewell

Madewell caters to young adults with American-inspired collections at accessible costs. With high-waisted options up to mom jeans and soft sweaters begging for a pumpkin spice latte, Madewell brings a refined edge to dressing for life’s adventures. 

It’s definitely a good PacSun alternative for high-quality wardrobe building blocks with a dash of California spirit. But this one can be a bit pricier.

Similarities between PacSun and Madewell:

  • Ideal for young adults and professionals
  • Includes a wide range of both denim and tops

8. Romwe

Romwe serves wild prints, punk rock edge, and experimental designs at lower price points. For those who think PacSun plays it safe but still like its core concepts, Romwe could be the way to go!

Similarities between PacSun and Romwe:

  • Youth-oriented collections
  • Affordable, impulse-friendly pricing

9. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch made a strong comeback and now channels PacSun’s laidback mood with cropped tees, flowy dresses, and fun sets.

It’s now the spot for creating head-to-toe outfits well-suited for the California vibe.

Similarities between PacSun and Abercrombie:

  • Relaxed, beach-inspired pieces
  • Syncs in terms of product range and prices

10. American Eagle

American Eagle captures PacSun’s graphic tee and hoodie surfer town essence. So, we don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding something PacSun-esque in the store’s collections.

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Similarities between PacSun and American Eagle:

  • Youthful, laidback all-American styles
  • Strong denim and tee options
  • Mall-based accessibility

11. Aeropostale

For those craving PacSun’s laidback mood in classic silhouettes, Aeropostale can be a lifesaver. It bridges the gap with vintage washes, timeless athleisure, and affordable prices.

Similarities between PacSun and Aero:

  • Reliable casual styles
  • Large denim and athleticwear collection

12. Urban Planet

With halls decked out in varsity jackets, bucket hats, and the latest sneaker drops, it’s no wonder that Urban Plant is one of the fastest-growing brands in Canada. Its collections are fresh, laid-back, and cute all at once!

Similarities between PacSun and Urban Planet:

  • Fast-fashion hub for youth trends
  • Strong range of accessories
  • Varsity and streetwear focus

13. H&M

While H&M sometimes channels Swedish minimalism and European runway styles, you can still find some fun pieces mimicking PacSun’s breezy vibes.

A couple of flowy sundresses, vibrant patterns, and versatile denim can be the perfect building blocks for your Cali wardrobe. Plus, PacSun fans can count on H&M for affordable style inspiration season after season.

Similarities between PacSun and H&M:

  • Wide style range
  • Easy to coordinate its pieces into outfits

Bonus Points: Multi-Brand Retailers Like PacSun

14. ASOS

Now, rather than just consider brands that mimic parts of PacSun’s collection, why not just seek out multi-brand retailers? That’s what PacSun is, after all.

And since that’s what we’re doing now, we have to mention the UK-based online retailer giant: ASOS.

Sure ASOS has its own labels, but it also has designer collabs and carries a ton of brands. So, it basically has plenty of styles. But it’s safe to say that if you’re shopping at PacSun for its pop culture shirts, you’ll find good stuff in ASOS.

Similarities between PacSun and ASOS:

  • Huge inventory from in-house labels, collabs, and renowned brands
  • Brand overlap (AIRE, Billabong, Free People, and even the PacSun label!)

15. Tilly’s

PacSun’s skate and surf scene is very much present in Tilly’s. There’s also the pop culture aspect that PacSun shares with ASOS.

But Tilly’s collections aren’t just limited to graphic tees and comfy shorts. Through regular collaborations with Vans, Nike, and other streetwear favorites, Tilly’s makes self-expression accessible from head to toe.

Their backpack selection is worth checking out, too. You might find a bag to complete your PacSun (or PacSun-esque) outfit.

Similarities between PacSun and Tilly’s:

  • California-inspired surf/skate vibes with a focus on active lifestyles
  • Graphic prints and casual essentials
  • Brand overlap (Vans, Levi’s, Adidas, Billabong, etc.)

Final Thoughts

Because PacSun carries a whole lot of brands, it’s not hard to find a store that has similar styles. Hopefully, these alternatives will have you covered, whether you need a new swimsuit, a new sneakers, or a solid pair of jeans.

We also hope you’ll see a not-so-PacSun-like piece in one of those stores and experiment a bit beyond your fashion comfort zone. But hey, when in doubt, just grab a graphic tee!