11 Stores Like Brandy Melville: Best Alternatives

December 11, 2023

Are you a big fan of Brandy Melville’s vintage-inspired styles?

The Italian label built a cult following with its effortless, retro, and feminine aesthetics. However, it also faced backlash for its one-size-fits-all approach.

Luckily, it’s easy to find trendy tops, dresses, and loungewear mimicking the brand’s vibe. To help you out, we rounded up the best alternatives. Read on for a bonus pick at the end!

Top Picks for Brandy-Melville Like Finds

1. PacSun

Known for its relaxed style, PacSun shares Brandy Melville’s aesthetic. Of course, the store also stocks other popular brands like Vans, AIRE, and Adidas, so you can grab a full haul while you’re at it!

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • West Coast Vibes: Both stores carry basics that match the SoCal life.
  • Collection Overlap: You’ll come across items from John Galt (Brandy Melville sub-brand) on PacSun for a perfect match to Brandy Melville’s vibe.

2. H&M

If you’re going with H&M as your Brandy Melville alternative, we’d recommend starting out with the Divided and Divided Grey lines.

The budget-friendly Divided line (with the black tag) is chock-full of fresh pieces and outfits to match your fun spirit. Meanwhile, the Divided Gray offers ripped denim and band tees for those wanting an extra cool look.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Selection: Find anything from colorful tops to edgy ripped denim.
  • Price Tags: The prices are actually comparable to Brandy Melville.

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 keeps up with seasonal trends at lightning speed, producing new arrivals all the time to compete with quick fashion industry pacesetters like Brandy Melville.

Loyal Brandy Melville fans will discover family tops and dresses among F21’s collections. No, we’re not talking about the items that F21 claimed were knock-offs of its copyrighted prints, either!

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Affordable Fashion: Most pieces are reasonably priced for budget-focused fashionistas.
  • Target Audience: It’s all in the name—you won’t have a hard time finding youthful pieces at both stores.

Splurge-Worthy Alternatives With Brandy Melville’s Aesthetic

4. Reformation

Crafting feminine silhouettes and tight dresses is right up Reformation’s alley. Beyond figure-flattering fits, the brand innovates across categories each season to determine hero pieces worth investing in for the long haul.

That said, the prices make Reformation more of a treat-yourself-occasional purchase than a staple alternative to Brandy Melville. But sustainable fashion comes at a cost, so we can’t complain.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Instagram Famous: Both brands can be seen on top influencer accounts and style icons.
  • Seasonal Updates: The two stores release new collections with fresh pieces every few months.

5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a one-stop shop for trendsetters looking for vintage-inspired pieces. And when we say “one-stop shop,” we mean it—you’ll find anything from graphic tees and bohemian dresses to cool home decor.

With its laid-back vibe, Urban Outfitters is not too far off from Brandy Melville’s aesthetic. Like Brandy, Urban Outfitters embraces ’90s influences and casual silhouettes. Customers might appreciate the retro homages, from cropped cardigans to relaxed Henley tops.

Just expect slightly higher price points while browsing the selection at Urban Outfitters.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Casual Styles: Both stores boast relaxed fits and fabrics that prioritize comfort and flexibility.
  • Graphic Tees: Tees and cropped sweatshirts that exude 90’s nostalgia are available at both stores.
  • Youthful Pieces: The target demographic is focused on those who want playful, trendy picks.

6. Free People

Free People infuses bohemian elegance into feminine and flowy designs. While the prices skew higher, the items match Brandy Melville’s breezy attitude in a sophisticated, more polished style.

All in all, the brand Free People intersects relaxed femininity with a touch of luxury.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Carefree Styling: Both stores capture the effortless essence of throwing pieces together without overthinking it.
  • Soft Details: The florals and trims that add a nice touch to many of Free People’s products fit Brandy Melville’s general vibe.

7. Subdued

Fans of Brandy Melville will appreciate the casual feminine aesthetic and Euro styling in the Subdued catalog. But keep in mind that sometimes, the brand’s sizes run small. Expect to pay more, too.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • European Influences: Much like Brandy Melville, Subdued features Italian designs with classically chic silhouettes.
  • Playful Basics: Either way, you’ll find plenty of everyday staples.

Online-Focused Alternatives to the Brandy Melville Store

8. Princess Polly

Australian sensation Princess Polly brings fast fashion to life with its influx of playful dresses, cute tops, and matching sets.

But we don’t have to explain the brand’s vibe too much, though. There are plenty of “haul” videos out there. Odds are, you’re more than familiar with the iconic Princess Poly style.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Your Fav Pop Icon: Ariana Grande has worn items from Princess Polly and Brandy Melville.
  • Essentials: Neither store has a shortage of basic crop tops and tank tops.


ASOS makes high fashion affordable with a wide selection catering to diverse styles. Shoppers appreciate the low-cost trendy finds across categories, from graphic tees and jeans to accessories.

Need a pro tip? Download the ASOS app and use the built-in Style Match tool. You’ll just upload pictures of your Brand-Melville-esque items to find the closest match. Easy peasy.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Affordable Clothing: Both stores offer trendy quality clothing at reasonable budgets.
  • Similar Design: You’ll likely come across Brandy-Melville-like designs in the ASOS Design basics section.

10. Los Angeles Apparel

For cool basics with an 80’s edge, Los Angeles Apparel is the way to go. It shares Brandy Melville’s DNA laid-back retro vibe but can be a bit more expensive.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • LA Inspiration: The West Coast casual elegance shines in the two picks.
  • Retro Vibe: Enough retro options to fill up a whole wardrobe in either store.
  • Effortless Basics: From the bodysuits to the tennis skirts, the selections just exude chill.

11. Pretties Venice

Pretties Venice online store keeps the ’90s alive with signature tees, delicate dresses, and flirty pieces. After all, Rachel from Friends wore this brand. So, it’s worth checking out, to say the least!

The prices are a bit steep, but there’s a workaround. The company sometimes releases dupes of its originals at lower price tags. You read that right—Pretties’ founder, Linda Meltzer, knocked her own designs off as a brilliant marketing stunt.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Baby Tees: Much like Brandy Melville, this store is full of cropped, tight-fitting tops.
  • Retro Aesthetic: The selections include pieces that feel straight out of Clueless.

Bonus Point: Second-Hand Brandy Melville Pieces

12. Depop

Some might say this is technically cheating, but we had to mention at least one second-hand heaven. After all, Depop breathes new life into gently used Brandy Melville favorites.

Word of advice? Watch for inflated price tags on “rare” goods.

However, you can still find good deals for non-rare second-hand Brandy Melville items along with items from other brands that cater to the same aesthetic and youthful vibes.

Similarities to Brandy Melville:

  • Actual Brandy Pieces: You’ll find original designs from Brandy Melville—it doesn’t get more similar than that!

Final Words

For the most part, Brandy Melville became popular for wardrobe basics. With that in mind, it’s not hard at all to find similar items from other brands.

What sets stores apart are subtle touches echoing your flair. Maybe it’s the eco-friendly approach of Depop’s thrifty finds. But perhaps it’s the luxury vibe from Reformation. The choice is all yours, so go get that cool girl aesthetic!