Vuori vs Lululemon: Which Activewear Brand is for You?

December 26, 2023

With so many activewear brands to choose from, deciding between luxury favorites Vuori and Lululemon can be tricky.

Understanding the key differences between these technical athletic brands helps you determine which aligns best with your budget, style, and performance needs.

This comparative analysis explores what sets Vuori and Lululemon apart, including factors like price point, fabric technology, sizing options, and sustainability initiatives.

As we contrast the pros and cons of each brand, you’ll gain clarity on which is the right fit for your active lifestyle.

Vuori: A Brief Overview

Founded in 2016 by lifelong friends Joe Kudla and Tim Brown, Vuori is a premium activewear and lifestyle brand that exemplifies the coastal California way of life.

Based in San Diego and drawing inspiration from the integration of fitness, surf, sport, and art along the California coast, Vuori creates versatile, stylish, and technical apparel for modern active living.

As a values-based business aiming to prioritize great relationships, Vuori brings together people from all walks of life to share positive, meaningful experiences. Their mission is to inspire and enable people to live their best lives through active living.

The Vuori product line includes men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear – everything from casualwear and workout clothes to technical outerwear and gear.

In just a few short years, Vuori has achieved rapid growth while staying true to its brand essence of freedom, community, and quality.

They now operate multiple retail stores in California in addition to their online store, offering products as well as classes, events, and content to support the vibrant, healthy lifestyle that Vuori represents.

More than just a brand, Vuori has become a way of life for its loyal and growing community.

Lululemon: A Brief Overview

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, Lululemon is a technical athletic apparel brand designing high-quality gear for yoga, running, training, and most sweat-inducing pursuits.

Their story begins with a love for daily exercise and the ambition to create innovative athletic wear that empowers people to achieve their fitness goals while building community.

Although Lululemon traces its roots to Canada, the brand has cultivated an expansive global community centered around living an active, positive lifestyle.

While yoga remains at the core of the brand, Lululemon continues to evolve by expanding into new categories like shoes, bags, accessories, and men’s apparel while staying true to its high-performance fabric technologies.

In just over two decades, Lululemon has grown rapidly into a leading athletic brand, operating over 500 retail locations across the globe in addition to its e-commerce channel.

Through their unique events like sweaty community workouts and ambitious brand partnerships, Lululemon fosters human connections and inspires customers to live their best lives by sweating often and giving back when they can.

Vuori vs Lululemon: A Detailed Comparison

With different styles, pricing, sizing, and sustainability initiatives, deciding between either brand can be tricky. This comparative analysis will highlight the key similarities and differences between these technical brands across crucial categories.

Quality of Product

Lululemon’s fabrics like NuluTM and Luon® stand up to intense sweat sessions and retain their shape wash after wash.

The slim silhouette and lightweight feel of Lululemon’s yoga pants and leggings also beat out Vuori’s offerings. However, Vuori still produces admirable quality activewear essentials.

The Verdict: While both Vuori and Lululemon offer high-quality athleticwear constructed from innovative technical fabrics, Lululemon edged out Vuori when it comes to exceptional quality and durability. 

Size Range

With inclusive sizing for both men and women ranging from XS-XXL, Vuori takes the prize for size diversity. Their extended sizing uses comfortable, stretchy fabrics accommodating more body types.

Lululemon’s women’s range only spans sizes 2-12 which excludes many athletes. However, they do offer numeric waist sizes for men. 

The Verdict: Ultimately, Vuori’s gender-neutral extended sizes make them the more size-inclusive, welcoming brand.

Pricing and Affordability

As the more affordable brand, Vuori pulls ahead for value and price diversity. Their leggings start at $58 while Lululemon’s begin at $98, often reaching up to $198.

Vuori manages to keep costs down while maintaining respectable quality across accessible-priced lifestyle wear and performance gear for every budget. 

The Verdict: Compared to Lululemon’s narrower price spectrum skewing higher, Vuori makes premium athleisure more wallet-friendly.

Durability and Closet Life

From workout leggings to running shorts, Lululemon’s technical construction withstands intense use, retaining integrity after countless stretches and washes.

Both brands create athletic essentials suited for daily performance and living thanks to durable fabrics and flattering silhouettes season over season.

The Verdict: Tested over time across their core categories, Lululemon edges out Vuori in ultimate durability and longevity. 

Variety of Clothing Lines

With over 20 specialized clothing lines spanning performance wear to casual everyday wear, Lululemon offers greater category variety compared to Vuori. 

That said, Vuori still produces lifestyle, training and performance wear for both men and women across tops, bottoms, and layers.

The Verdict: Lululemon has more niche, activity-specific lines like yoga, running and training catering well to diverse lifestyles and interests.

Styling and Color Range

Lululemon pulls ahead for style variety and color options too with staple neutrals complemented by seasonal colors and patterns in each collection. 

However, Vuori still offers classic solids and mixes in unique color-blocked pieces and eye-catching prints catering well to West Coast-inspired style. 

The Verdict: Those wanting more versatile, trend-led pieces will appreciate Lululemon’s selection fitting seamlessly into daily life.

Overall Verdict: Who Wins?

This summary table outlines who comes out on top across the key factors you evaluate when choosing the best brand for your activewear needs and budget.

Size RangeInclusive XS-XXLLimited 2-12
AffordabilityLower pricesHigher prices
VarietyLifestyle & performance wear20+ specialty lines
StylingClassics with pops of colorTrend-led staples & seasonal

Overall, while Vuori wins when it comes to inclusive sizing and affordability, Lululemon edged them out across more categories like exceptional product quality, durability over time, and variety across technical fabrics and seasonal styling.

So ultimately, for budget-friendly essentials, Vuori delivers quality and value suited to everyday active living. However, Lululemon dominates as the top premium athleticwear brand when performance-proven quality and enduring construction take priority over price. Their vast assortment also best serves diverse lifestyles and changing needs.

Vuori: Pros and Cons

Known for its comfortable, versatile performance wear, Vuori strikes an appealing balance between technical function and everyday style. However, the popular brand isn’t without some downsides.


What makes Vuori a well-renowned option? Let’s take a look:

  • Breathable, stretchy fabrics perfect for active lifestyles
  • Flattering, movable silhouettes suited for workouts and daily wear
  • Durable construction and quality materials made to last
  • Inclusive size range accommodating more body types
  • Responsible manufacturing supporting people and the planet


So what are those downsides we mentioned before? See for yourself:

  • Limited seasonal color options in core styles
  • Restricted selection lacks specialty categories
  • Less name recognition and brand clout than leading athleisure labels

Lululemon: Pros and Cons

With its reputation for exceptional quality and technical innovation, Lululemon has earned its position as a leading athletic apparel brand. However, the prominent name comes with some drawbacks.


Lululemon is the incredible brand it is for a reason. Here are just some of them:

  • Unparalleled quality construction and durable technical fabrics
  • Flattering fits tailored to move and stretch with your body
  • Specialized gear for diverse sweat-inducing activities
  • Responsible manufacturing and sustainability initiatives
  • Trend-driven seasonal colors keep styles fresh


Hard to believe that Lululemon has its downsides – but it does, sadly. Let’s see them:

  • Significantly higher price points than competitors
  • Limited size selection in stores demanding pre-orders
  • Pressure to fit brand image and lifestyle

To Sum Up

When it comes to Vuori and Lululemon, the choice ultimately comes down to your budget, values, and performance needs.

Seeking affordable, inclusive essentials? Go with Vuori. Want exceptional quality and technical construction? Splurge on Lululemon.

Either way, both brands enable free movement and the confidence to live actively. As you outline your needs, you’ll gain clarity on the best premium athleisure brand for your lifestyle.