Thursday Boots vs. Red Wing: Honest Comparison 2024

November 23, 2023

Choosing the right pair of boots isn’t only about aesthetics. You need to consider other qualities, like comfort, versatility, and budget.

With many options on the market, Thursday Boots and Red Wing emerge as titans. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes, you’re in for a treat. 

In this Thursday Boots vs. Red Wing article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of these brands. From design to durability and price, keep reading for all the details!

Thursday Boots: Overview

Founded in 2014, Thursday Boots isn’t just a brand; it’s a style statement. Known for crafting sleek footwear, this company has a knack for blending fashion with function. 

Their commitment to quality shines through, especially with their Goodyear welt construction techniques and premium leather.

And if that wasn’t enough, the company offers a stylish array of footwear catering to both formal and casual events. Aside from versatility, the shoes are comfortable and wallet-friendly.


  • Versatility, seamlessly blending work boot sturdiness with dress boot flair.
  • Budget-friendly, generally around $150 less than Red Wing shoes.
  • Comfortable soles suitable for long workdays.


  • Insoles may not boast the same durability as Red Wing’s

Redwing Boots: Overview

Born in 1905 in the heart of Red Wing, Minnesota, the boot company emerged with a noble mission—to craft boots that could stand the test of time.  

While they started with a simple idea, today, Red Wing shoes are the go-to option for those working in the grittiest industries like mining and logging.

Over the years, the company added a dash of style to the mix, crafting sneakers and dress shoes. From heavy industries to bustling streets, they’ve expanded their collection to cater to a broader audience, all while maintaining superior quality.


  • Durable design, ensuring longevity even against the roughest terrains.
  • A versatile collection, allowing you to flaunt footwear not just at work but on casual occasions too!
  • Primarily handmade in the USA 


  • The sturdy material makes breaking into Red Wings challenging.

Thursday Boots vs. Redwing: A Toe-To-Toe Comparison

Although both US brands offer stylish leather boots, they have several distinguishing features. These include the design, material, longevity, and more. Let’s discuss their differences in further detail:

Boot Design and Style

Thursday Boots generally manufactures sleek designs. The combination of leather and studded rubber soles creates a versatile shoe, allowing you to transition between work and outdoor activities. 

Among the popular designs are the Captain, one of the brand’s first launches. It features a cap-toe and comes in 16 different leathers. The overall slim design provides a modern touch.

When it comes to occasions, the Captain is the social chameleon you’ve been looking for. 

Want to impress on a date night? The Captain’s got your back. Need to level up your business-casual game? It’s got that covered too! It can adapt to any vibe, making it perfect if you’re looking for all-rounder shoes.

On the other hand, Red Wing’s boots take you on a nostalgic journey with their vintage American look.

The Iron Ranger is among its popular items. Crafted from thick, oil-tanned leather, it proudly flaunts a bulbous toe cap, giving it a casual vibe. The Vibram mini-lug sole ensures a sturdy grip, while shiny nickel eyelets contribute to its timeless appeal. 

These boots pair well with workwear-like outfits. For instance, denim jackets, jeans, and flannel shirts are all stylish to wear with boots.

The Winner

There’s no winner in this category; it’s a matter of personal preference. If you lean towards vintage American work boots, Red Wing boots are your better option. 

For those seeking versatility and sleeker designs, Thursday boots are your go-to choice.

Durability and Material

Although Thursday Boots offers stylish footwear, they don’t compromise on quality. They use top-notch full-grain leather from reputable spots worldwide. These include the USA, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The hides are treated in renowned tanneries like Le Farc and Horween. 

But it’s not just about the leather game; Thursday Boots uses cork-bed and EVA cushioning for the midsoles. Not only that, but their Goodyear welt construction technique further increases the footwear’s durability. 

Still, the boots are generally soft, making them less suitable for rough conditions. They generally take around 2-4 years before losing their quality.

When it comes to longevity, Red Wing sturdy boots take the crown. Similar to Thursday, the company uses full-grain leather as the primary material. However, unlike their competitor, Red Wing uses their tannery, S.B. Foot Tanning Co., to craft the boots.

Beyond the leather magic, Red Wing sprinkles in cork midsoles, Goodyear welt construction, and hardware—all of which make the boots sturdy.

With proper care, these boots can last for decades. Even if you wear them every day without any cleaning, they can hold up for two years.

The Winner

If you’re in for the long haul, the Red Wing endurance game is top-notch, making it the winner of this category.

Sizing and Comfort

Thursday Boots caters to a broad range of sizes, from 6 to 16, offering options for everyone. 

Typically, these boots run half a size smaller than regular sneakers or dress shoes. 

To find the right fit, order the same size or half a size smaller, opting for a snug initial fit. Over time, the leather will naturally stretch, becoming roomy. 

As for sneakers, order the same size as your sportswear. If you’re between sizes, choose the larger size. 

Whether for boots or sneakers, Thursday prioritizes comfort with lightweight designs. It’s ideal for those who stand or work for a long time.

Like Thursday, Red Wing caters to a diverse audience. They offer a range of sizes, between 3.5 and 16 US. Some of their designs extend to 18 US.

As you might have guessed, the boots tend to run large. That’s because, during the break-in period, the leather naturally adjusts to your foot shape. This usually takes a few weeks. 

To ensure the best fit, choose half a size smaller than usual.

As for the women’s collection, it’s true to the measurement chart. So, opt for your regular size. Since Red Wing boots are sturdier, they’re heftier. Consequently, they may not be a good option for prolonged walking or standing.

The Winner

Both boot companies run larger than expected. However, thanks to the lightweight design, Thursday boots are more comfortable.

Price Range and Value

Thursday Boots wins the price range battle, offering shoes that range from $150 to $200. 

Despite the affordable cost, the brand uses top-notch materials. Thanks to their strategic business model, they deliver premium craftsmanship without compromising quality. 

Though the boots lack a formal warranty, the return policy allows unworn items to be exchanged or returned within 30 days. The brand even covers return shipping costs for orders priced at $80 within the United States.

Alternatively, Red Wing comes with a higher price tag – given its exceptional craftsmanship. They typically range from $150 to $400, depending on the model. 

While they may seem expensive, Red Wing boots are a long-term investment, delivering both durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Unlike Thursday, Red Wing provides a 30-day unconditional comfort guarantee. It offers a full refund if the footwear doesn’t meet your satisfaction within the first month. 

Additionally, their 12-month limited warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

The Winner

When it comes to price range, Thursday Boots emerges as the victor. It offers quality while remaining budget-friendly.

Final Verdict

As you can see, Thursday Boots and Red Wing have their pros and cons. 

Thursday Boots shines with its sleek designs, affordability, and comfort. On the other hand, Red Wing boasts high-quality craftsmanship and materials. They also provide timeless styles.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to personal preferences. If you prioritize budget-friendly elegance, Thursday Boots is your match. 

For those seeking durability, Red Wing is your go-to option. Either way, you’re guaranteed a reliable and stylish pair of boots for various occasions!