Skims Vs Spanx: Which Shapewear Should You Buy?

November 21, 2023

Shapewear is one of the best secrets to having flat bellies instantly. They gently contour your body so you don’t see visible lumps. Plus, you get to wear your outfit with confidence.

In recent years, more great shapewear options have become available on the market.

Today, we look at the comfort, appearance, and price of two leading brands. Read on to see our in-depth comparison of Skims vs. Spanx.

Let’s get started!

Skims Vs. Spanx Overview

Shapewear is notorious for being a pain to wear. They used to be challenging to get into, and you can barely move in them.

However, new brands have innovated and revolutionized their designs. Nowadays, people wear shapewear, like Skims and Spanx, to stay comfortable and confident.

Here’s an overview of two of the best shapewear to date.

Skims Shapewear

You may remember that in 2019, Kim Kardashian created a new underwear and shapewear line called Skims.

This shapewear quickly went trending since it came in seemingly tiny sizes. Yet, the brand impressed people for the incredible stretch.

Skims focuses on challenging conventional body shapes and allows women to enhance their curves. They’re surprisingly innovative and diverse.

Skims Pros

Here are the positive points of Skims shapewear.

  • They’re Ultra Stretchy: Skims shapewear stretches up to twice their length. You may find it surprising that a tiny piece of cloth can cover your whole body!
  • You Get Extra Lift: The company designs its shapewear to offer maximum lift. Simply put, it makes your rear end look perky and toned.
  • There’s a Wide Selection of Colors: Skims has over ten shades of nude colors. There’s one suitable for every skin tone!

Skims Cons

These are the downsides of Skims shapewear.

  • See-Through Material: Skims have a slightly thin material. The bottom area is see-through when you put them on.
  • There’s No Pee Hole: Once you have the Skims on, you have to get undressed for bathroom breaks.

Spanx Shapewear

Spanx is a company that focuses on your comfort, and it makes you look as good as you feel.

Founded in 2000 by Sara Blakely, Spanx quickly took the world by storm. People loved it so much that it was on Oprah’s list of favorite things within a few months. Two years later, Sara Blakely became Forbes’s youngest self-made billionaire!

Today, Spanx is a staple in every wardrobe, and it sells shapewear in over 50 countries.

Spanx Pros

These are the strong points of Spanx shapewear.

  • They’re Lightweight: This shapewear is lightweight and breathable. You can still move around without sweating, and many love the feeling of Spanx on the body.
  • You Can Get Larger Sizes: Spanx comes in 15 sizes, from XS to G. It’s an inclusive brand that can fit any body shape!
  • They Have Less Squeeze: When you wear Spanx, it doesn’t squeeze so much that you can’t breathe. They’re comfortable and ideal for daily wear.

Spanx Cons

Here’s a downside to Spanx shapewear.

  • Pricier Than Others: Expect to pay a pretty penny for Spanx shapewear. The price for one item ranges from $60 to $150.

Skims Vs. Spanx: A Toe-to-Toe Comparison

We now compare the same types of Skims and Spanx shapewear to see the difference between each!

Mid-Thigh Shorts

The Skims mid-thigh shapewear is a seamless solution for waist compression. It has a silicone interior band to prevent rolling.

These shorts are 78% nylon and 22% spandex. Because of this, you get strong support and lift in the butt area.

In contrast, Spanx offers powerful sculpting at the waist and belly area. The front panels give you a flat stomach, while the side panels are slimming without squeezing.

Spanx mid-thigh shorts are 81% nylon and 19% elastane.

The Verdict

Despite being $28 more expensive than Skims, the Spanx mid-thigh shorts are our winner! The reason for this is it provides better belly compression than the Skims.

Do note that Spanx has less elasticity, so expect it to be tighter than the Skims.


Skims has over 30 types of bodysuits to choose from. There are seamless, lifting, and plunged options. What’s more, Skims has bodysuits with sleeves to control arm fat!

You may want to try Skims bodysuits for the exceptional fit and core compression. The adjustable straps make it easier to put these on as well.

On the other hand, Spanx has 13 different types of bodysuits. There are cupped and padded suits so you don’t have to wear a bra. On top of this, you can buy full-length suits to slim your legs.

Spanx bodysuits are adjustable and convertible to various designs. You may use one type for all your dresses.

The Verdict

Variety is Skims’s strong suit. It has bodysuits available for all outfits. Moreover, they have wide crotches for added comfort. For this reason, Skims is our winner!

Maternity Shapewear

Both Skims and Spanx have shapewear that gives you full support when you’re expecting.

For Skims, you can buy nursing bras and high-waisted briefs. The briefs have soft and elastic waistbands that are non-compressive. Plus, they support your baby bump with fold-over flexible bands.

Compared to this, Spanx has shaping sheers that cradle your belly.

They’re incredibly soft while providing adequate support. We love that Spanx maternity shapewear has cotton gussets that make underwear optional!

The Verdict

For maternity shapewear, we give Skims and Spanx a tie!

Both brands have excellent support and elasticity. You may wear either brand to smoothen your thighs and lift your butt.

The price range is also the same, so you can pick from both catalogs.

Shaping Underwear

We now move on to shaping underwear.

For Skims, you can buy mid-waist sculpting thongs for only $28 apiece. Its panties hit your core and cinch your waist.

The silicone under-band prevents rolling, and the cotton gusset gives comfort. Because of the stretch, there are no visible panty lines when you wear Skims undies.

Meanwhile, the Spanx shaping thongs sell for $34 each. The company makes these panties with stretchy satin that’s breathable and quick-drying. A double-layer panel smoothens your belly without making panty lines!

The Verdict

We love the Spanx satin thongs for being stretchier and more comfortable. The quick-drying breathable fabric adds to the practicality of this underwear.

There’s no doubt Spanx won this round!


Finally, for tops and camisoles, Skims have ones with adjustable straps you can wear as a cross back. Its basic cami offers an underbust definition and a plunging neckline.

What’s great about the Skims cami is it’s made from 75% recycled nylon and 25% spandex!

On the flip side, the Spanx cami features firmer shaping. The fabric is a brushed single-layer microfiber that’s breathable and quick-drying.

The Verdict

The Skims cami wins this round for having more features, such as adjustable straps and a plunging neckline. It’s also more environmentally friendly than the Spanx cami!


Skims vs. Spanx, which is better?

Based on our review, Spanx is better than Skims in terms of stretchability and size availability. It works well to flatten your belly area.

Compared to this, Skims are better when it comes to color diversity and style. You can find any design for any outfit. If you want to focus on lifting your butt area, Skims is your go-to shapewear.

Overall, both brands are good quality and worth the investment. They’re both comfortable and wearable for everyday activities!