Little Sleepies Vs Caden Lane: Honest Comparison 2024

November 21, 2023

Your baby spends most of the time in pajamas. Yet, many don’t realize that this seemingly simple article of clothing has significant effects.

The wrong material could lead to a skin rash and discomfort. It also impacts your baby’s skin and body temperature. For this reason, investing in ones with high-quality fabric and design is a must!

So, which brand of baby clothes on the market is the best?

In this article, we compare Little Sleepies vs. Caden Lane. Read on to learn about the differences in features, price, delivery speed, and return policies between these pajamas!

Little Sleepies Vs. Caden Lane Overview

In 2008, the US government issued warnings about baby clothes when over 400 children started developing rashes on their backs. The culprit was chemicals from ink on printed labels.

What’s more, recent studies show that 60% of children’s clothing has toxic PFA. Sadly, since babies are still developing, they’re sensitive to exposure to these chemicals.

Luckily, you can avoid this issue if you do proper research to compare your baby’s clothing. Here’s our analysis of two popular brands of baby pajamas on the market!

Little Sleepies Baby Pajamas

Little Sleepies began in 2018 when its founder, Maradith Frenkel, couldn’t find enough clothing options for her son’s eczema-prone skin.

The company’s mission is to innovate products that bring comfort and togetherness to families.

Today, Little Sleepies is a preferred brand by many celebrities and was even featured as USA Today’s Editor’s Choice!

Little Sleepies Pros

Here’s why you may want to buy Little Sleepies pajamas.

  • Stretchability: Little Sleepies pajamas are incredibly stretchable. Your baby won’t outgrow it in three months, unlike other brands.

“Little Sleepies, however, stretch perfectly to fit longer, meaning you can buy the size that fits now and they’ll continue to grow as your child grows. In fact, they fit for 3x longer than traditional pajamas (and the fabric is high quality, so they actually last that long too!). Money savings?”
  • Suitable Year-Round: These pajamas are suitable for any time of the year. The bamboo fabric keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Hypoallergenic: The fabric is super soft and hypoallergenic. It’s gentle and ideal for children with sensitive skin.

Little Sleepies Cons

These are the disadvantages of Little Sleepies.

  • Thin Material: Little Sleepies are surprisingly thin. Some parents say they’re prone to tearing.

“The fabric of the Little Sleepies pajamas feels really thin, so I was actually surprised at how durable and long lasting they are”
  • High Price: These pajamas are pricier than other brands.

Caden Lane Baby Pajamas

Caden Lane was founded in 2005 by Katy Mimari, a mom who found it difficult to find personalized baby items.

The company focuses on fun designs, bold colors, and personalization. Its products include customizable nursery decor, blankets, and even toys!

If you want to have memorable and unique baby clothing, you may want to check out Caden Lane’s collection.

Caden Lane Pros

Here are some of the advantages of Caden Lane pajamas.

  • Unique Styles: Caden Lane has knot gowns, swaddles, and even sweatshirt rompers. There are baby clothes that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Personalization: You may have your baby’s name written on Caden Lane products. The personalization makes these clothes perfect for gifting and for twins!
  • Fun Clothing: Caden Lane has clothes your children can color and wear. It provides a fun way to stimulate your kids.

Caden Lane Cons

These are the disadvantages we found in Caden Lane pajamas.

  • Shipping Issues: Many parents encounter problems with Caden Lane’s shipping process. Opinions on how customer service handles issues are split.
  • High Price: Caden Lane pajamas are pricier than other brands.

Little Sleepies Vs. Caden Lane: A Toe-to-Toe Comparison

Which brand is better? Here’s our comparison of the Little Sleepies and Caden Lane pajamas.


Little Sleepies and Caden Lane have pajamas made from 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex.

The material is soft, stretchable, and gentle. They’re ideal for the sensitive skin of young children. What’s more, the bamboo cloth fits snugly onto the body. Meaning, it provides insulation while being breathable.

However, there are issues for both. Some complaints about Little Sleepies include pajamas fading, piling, and tearing after a few washes.

For Caden Lane, you have to check the material before buying. It sells polyester clothing that may not be good for sensitive skin.

The Verdict

Little Sleepies and Caden Lane have the same bamboo pajama specifications, yet some parents say Little Sleepies fades quickly.

On the flip side, people may not encounter this issue on Caden Lane if they unknowingly buy polyester pajamas.

In this case, we give Little Sleepies and Caden Lane a tie.


Little Sleepies pajamas have fold-over mittens and foot cuffs, preventing your baby from injury. They have double zippers that make diaper changes hassle-free.

On top of this, the pajamas have no snaps, tags, or buttons. Without these, you eliminate components that may irritate the skin.

What’s great about Little Sleepies is it adds extra length to the pajamas. These outfits can extend up to three times longer!

Meanwhile, the Caden Lane zip romper also has fold-over mittens and footies. The double zipper design is the same. Caden Lane says it adds extra length to the pajamas, so they grow along with your baby.

The Verdict

Little Sleepies and Caden Lane are equal in terms of design!


Little Sleepies zippies pajamas cost around $34 per piece. A swaddle and headband set sell for $38, and two-piece pajama sets are $34 each.

We did find discount coupons for Little Sleepies that you may want to look at.

On the other hand, Caden Lane zippies are at $36 per piece. Swaddles are the same price at $38, but they don’t come with headbands. You can buy two-piece pajamas at $36 each.

Like Little Sleepies, Caden Lane also gives discount coupons.

The Verdict

We found that the pajamas at Little Sleepies are slightly cheaper than Caden Lane. Still, you should check the coupons, as there are different promos per month!

Delivery Speed

Little Sleepies says it uses USPS to deliver items within three weeks of your order. Compared to this, Caden Lane says it ships fast within three to five days.

However, it seems that there are issues with this faster shipping. Most of the negative reviews on Caden Lane mention missing items and wrong deliveries.

The Verdict

Caden Lane has faster delivery but be prepared for some issues.

Return Policy

At Little Sleepies, you must return unused items within ten days of arrival. You may get a refund or exchange the item as well.

For exchanges, you receive store credit, which you can use to buy other products from the online shop.

Compared to this, Caden Lane gives you 20 days to return an item. It doesn’t offer exchanges, but you get a refund within five business days.

The Verdict

Both brands have reasonable policies, but Caden Lane gives you a longer time to return an item. This makes Caden Lane’s return policy better.

Little Sleepies Vs. Caden Lane Comparison Summary

To sum it up, here’s a table of the differences between the two brands.

Little SleepiesCaden Lane
MaterialProne to fading and tearingHas bamboo and polyester fabrics; no reports of tearing
DesignNo differenceNo difference
PriceCheaperSlightly more expensive
Delivery Speed3 weeks3 to 5 days, but with issues on delivery
Return Policy10 days20 days
Extra PerksHypoallergenicFun clothing, with a wide range of other products


Little Sleepies vs. Caden Lane, which is better? The answer depends on your needs.

In terms of material, Caden Lane offers more choices and is sturdier than the former. Yet, parents who worry about rashes may want to buy Little Sleepy’s hypoallergenic zippies.

Little Sleepies has a lengthy shipping period. If you’re not willing to wait, you should go for Caden Lane. Of course, there’s a risk of encountering issues with the delivery.

Overall, both brands have their similarities and individual perks. We hope this guide allowed you to see the differences and helped you decide which one to get!