What Shape Glasses for Round Face?

November 21, 2023

Do you have a round face? Are you always wondering about what shape glasses for round face are best? 

Trust us, you’re not alone in this dilemma. While round faces are cute and many people adore them, some accessories simply don’t fit.

They end up making our faces look rounder and sometimes asymmetrical! That’s why we’re here today to share the perfect glasses shape for your round face! We’ll also share what frames you need to stay away from. 

Let’s begin!

Do You Have a Round Face?

Before we begin sharing what type of glasses are perfect for you, are you actually sure that you have a round face

Round faces are often mistaken for square ones and heart-shaped faces. To tell them apart, follow these little pointers:

Soft Face Curves

One of the most important and defining features of a round face is its soft curves. Unlike oblong, square, or triangular faces, you won’t find any features jutting out because of the bone structure. 

Round faces have smooth, almost seamless curvatures from the forehead to the jawline. This lack of angles often leaves people with a more youthful appearance and a gentle look, affecting their overall countenance.

Full Cheeks

Another key feature of round faces is full cheeks! They’re often the most noticeable feature, as they give the face its plump and baby-like look.

However, what they also do is give the face its roundness, adding to its width and creating a sense of approachability and sweetness. 

Unlike faces with high cheekbones, the full cheeks blend into your features without creating sharp contours or pronounced shades, maintaining the overall circular shape.

Symmetric Dimensions

The last defining characteristic of round faces is the semi-equality in their width and length. Given that it’s a circular shape, this should be a given!

You can easily check this by measuring the distance from the top of your forehead to your chin and comparing it to the width from cheek to cheek. You can also compare it to your forehead’s width.

This near-equality in dimensions ensures that no feature dominates your face over the others, and you have a rounded, almost symmetrical look. 

5 Best Glasses for a Round Face

Now that you can determine what a round face looks like, it’s time to hunt for the perfect glasses! Here are your top choices:

Rectangular Glasses

What’s the opposite of a round, seamless design? That’s right, an angular one! For those who want to add more angles and curves to their face, one of your first choices should be rectangular glasses. 

They provide an odd, yet satisfying contrast to any round face. This little contrast helps elongate your face and give it a more edgy look that enhances the overall appearance.

Rectangular glasses come in all shapes and sizes, but most are excellent for round faces. For instance, thin rectangular frames often provide a subtle, sophisticated look, while thicker frames make more of a style statement and add an edge to your look.

Square Frames

Though a tad similar in look, square frames and rectangular frames provide two entirely different styles. 

On one end, rectangular glasses provide a serious, business-like look. Square frames, on the other hand, give you a bold look. 

The sharp angles of square glasses contrast greatly with round faces, leaving your face more balanced and somewhat elongated. The size of the frames can also create a huge difference.

For instance, bold or oversized square glasses can appear stylish, making a daring fashion statement, while smaller ones offer a more classical look.

Geometric Glasses

Geometric frames offer something that both square and rectangular frames often don’t: an avant-garde aesthetic.

These glasses provide a unique blend of soft shapes mixed with angles, making them a striking choice if you have a round face. 

Geometric glasses branch off from the traditional route by adding hexagons, octagons, or even hearts and more unconventional shapes!

The angular line with the unique shapes is an element of modernity and artistic styles that’ll draw attention to your eyes.

Cat-Eye Glasses

In general, loads of people love cat eyes—the actual ones! The little upward-sweeping line and sly looks they give can capture hearts. For that reason exactly, we have glasses with cat-eye designs.

The glasses’ shape can help lift the face, creating an illusion of higher cheekbones and a more elongated face shape. 

What’s best about cat-eye glasses is there’s a huge difference between the styles. Though the outline remains the same, you can wear retro-styled glasses to add more glamor to your appearance or opt for a modern twist with a contemporary one.

This versatility lies in the subtlety or drama of the upward sweep. Some frames have a gentle sweep offering sophistication, while others are more pronounced.

Brow-line Frames

Also known as semi-rimless glasses, brow-line frames are a classical choice for people with round faces. 

They have a distinct design, where the upper part of the frame is more pronounced, mimicking the natural line of the eyebrow.

When you wear this type of glasses, you’re not adding another angle like the previous ones. Instead, you’re drawing the viewer’s attention upward and enhancing your natural contour by drawing this bold line on your eyebrows.

As with most glasses, you can always find brow-line glasses in bold and thin frames. The thin brow-lines are an excellent option for those who want a more subtle but attractive look. The bold frames are an even better option for those who like to make a statement with their looks. 

What Glasses to Avoid for a Round Face

After learning about the best glasses shape for a round face, it only makes sense to learn about the ones you need to stay away from! Here are the main ones:

Oversized Round Frames

Getting round glasses is, in a way, just adding more roundness to your face. 

It can even be a little bit worse if the frame is oversized, as then your face completely loses its natural definition and washes away behind the glasses. Put simply, the lack of angular contrast leads to a less structured look and more roundness!

Small or Narrow Frames

Though this might contradict the previous point, small or narrow glasses are simply not round-face friendly. 

Because of how small they are, the glasses can make your face feel like it’s enveloping them, making it appear wider and fuller than it actually is. 

Plus, they often fail to make any significant impact on your overall look because of their size. The best type of glasses for round faces is one that’s not too big or small but simply proportional to your face size.

Oval Glasses

Finally, you won’t find a round’s face best friend within oval glasses! 

They’re similar to round glasses because they also add to your face’s roundness and don’t provide any contrast whatsoever. Of course, this leaves you with an unstructured, fuller, and simply less defined appearance.

Final Words

So, are you still wondering what shape glasses for round face are best? We sure hope not! 

To summarize, the best glasses for round faces are rectangular, square, geometric, cat-eye, and brow-line frames. 

On the other hand, you’d want to avoid oversized round glasses, narrow frames, and oval glasses if you have a round face.