21 Eyewear Trends In 2024 For Men and Women

November 21, 2023

The type of eyewear you choose is a great way to express your personality. Getting the right glasses will boost your confidence and make you stand out. Don’t we all need that head start before venturing into the world?

If you’re looking for what’s hot next season, we’ve got you covered! 2024 is a time to be bold, expressive and vibrant with eyewear. In this article, we’ll list over 20 eyewear trends in 2024. So, there’s going to be something to suit every taste.

We’ve divided the list into fashion trends for women and men so you can quickly skip to the part you’re interested in.

Eyewear Trends for Women In 2024

We did some digging and found the hottest eyewear trends in 2024 for women:

Oversized Frames

It’s exciting that oversized frames are trendy this year because they’re stylish and functional. These sunglasses provide lots of protection from the sunlight since they cover a large proportion of the face.

Oversized shades come in different shapes like square, cat eye, and butterfly—to name a few. These glamorous glasses complement many face shapes, especially rectangular and oblong faces.

Similarly, big spectacles are rather practical and comfortable because you can look in all directions with enhanced vision. It’s almost like not wearing any glasses at all! 

Geometric Glasses and Frames

Hexagonal sunglasses are taking the world by storm. In addition, there are other rad eyewear shapes with angles like pentagons and heptagons. These glasses are a way to show your artistic side at work or uni.

Both from the fashion industry, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber love to rock their hexagonal sunglasses. We’ve seen angled frames on both shades and prescription eyewear.

Cat-Eye Frames

Since the 1920s, cat-eye glasses have been considered a symbol of femininity and class. This eyewear shape is making a major comeback this year with updated features like colorful designs and prints.

These elegant frames look best on longish faces like diamond, oval, and rectangular.

Marylin Monroe and Scarlett Johanson are among some iconic celebrities who turned heads wearing cat-eye shades. 

Shield Eyeglasses

Keeping up with the cyclical nature of fashion, the shield glasses of the early 2000s are back. These sunglasses look sporty and futuristic.

Wrap-around glasses feature a continuous lens that curves at the front of the face and extends to cover both eyes.

Although some designs have two separate lenses for each eye, the brows curve at the front for comfort.

As you can see, 2024 is a time where boldness is a theme and wearing a pair of wrap-around glasses is sure to make a statement.

Color Gradient Frames

This fresh 2024 trend adds a subtle pop of color to your face. If you’re used to bold neutrals, you can try glasses that merge two colors. Some gradient frames use only one darker color on top and fade into transparent at the bottom.

When two colors are combined, the darker hue is usually above and mellows out into the lighter one below. You can choose tints that complement your makeup and outfit. This style of frame is more common in prescription glasses.

Eyeglass Chains

In the past, people used chains to avoid losing their glasses when placing them at random spots all day. The chains only served the purpose of keeping them secure around your neck. Now, eyeglass chains are more of a fashion statement with colorful and luxurious designs.

Nothing can beat a metallic chain or beads to add a chic flare to any pair of glasses. You can mix and match a couple of eyewear accessories depending on the color and style of your outfit.

Tinted Lenses and Frames

Sporting a pair of glasses with tinted lenses can add a touch of color to how you see the world, literally. There are many tones of tinted eyewear available. They range from playful pinks and greens to bold colors like blues and reds.

No doubt adding some color to your accessories can elevate a simple office ensemble. If you wear glasses for sight, a pair of tinted glasses can correct vision while reducing the brightness of your surroundings. That’s one way to combine style and comfort!

Patterned Frames

Tortoiseshell frames have been here for a while, and we predict they’ll be big in 2024. They’re most common in burnt colors similar to the patterns on the shell of a tortoise – hence the name. However, there are other colors and patterns to check out.

Clear Frames

This trend started in 2023 and it’s here to stay for its modern touch and minimalistic feel. Clear frames can come in different shapes and thicknesses to suit your style.

They’re great for all skin complexions and make your facial features pop. If you’re a makeup connoisseur, transparent glasses will display your eye color and eyeshadow art. 

Eco-friendly Materials

With the rising awareness of reducing waste, eyewear companies have shifted their focus to producing glasses with more sustainable resources. Several brands like Woodzee and SOLO Eyewear make eyewear using recycled plastic and biodegradable plant-based substances.

Acetate is one of the main eco-friendly materials used in glasses because it’s lightweight and durable. Acetate is made of cellulose from wood pulp. Also, some eyewear designs have wooden temples.

Eyewear Trends for Men In 2024

You don’t have to scroll endlessly to learn what’s fresh, because we’ve gathered a list of the latest eyewear trends in 2024 for you.

Retro Styles

The 1970s look is back with bold frames and big round-square eyeglasses. Black and brown are the most common frame colors of the retro style, although some have a tortoiseshell design.

The youth today are inclined to grow beards and have a masculine look that’s so attractive. Rocking a pair of retro glasses can lift your confidence and take you from a five to an eight.

You can draw inspiration from legends like John Lennon and the characters of the 2012 movie Argo, which tells a story of the late 70s.

High-Tech Eyewear

Technology is a big part of our daily lives, as are eyeglasses. This year, smart glasses have added perks like Augmented Reality and built-in speakers, among other features.  

Some models feature luxury designs using titanium and carbon fiber to make lightweight and flexible frames for maximum comfort. You can find some of these futuristic eyeglasses at Vuzix and Ray-Ban.

3D Printed Glasses

Following the technological theme of the century, some eyewear brands offer a range of 3D-printed glasses. These are custom-made and will fit your unique face shape and size. You can choose from several designs to suit your taste and needs.

One of the reasons many specs wearers have turned to 3D glasses is affordability and comfort. Eriksco makes a screwless design with flexible temples. Yet, many other brands provide sunglasses and prescription glass designs.

Reflective Lenses

Glasses with reflective lenses are still in. They look great with casual and formal attire as well. If you’re going on a vacation soon, blue, purple and green lenses will look stunning in pictures with nature.

Apart from these colors, there are reflective glasses in metallic tones like silver, rose gold, or gold. These colors are stunning when paired with a suit.

Athleisure Eyewear

These glasses are similar to the reflective shades we wear when skiing to reduce the glare from the snow. Athleisure eyeglasses curve at the front and wrap around the eyes with either a single connected lens or one for each eye.

Wrap-around lenses are sporty and a fashion statement. This design is popular among teens and young adults but it looks great for all ages.

An added feature of athleisure eyewear is photosensitivity. Here, the lens opacity changes depending on the brightness of the surroundings.


Like a marriage between vintage and modern, wayfarer glasses are sophisticated enough that classy men just love to wear them. 

The frames of these glasses are straight and wide on top, and the lenses are flat. Dressed up or down, a pair of wayfarers will compliment your look. 

One of the reasons why this shape of eyewear is so popular and timeless is because it fits all face shapes.

Oversized Glasses

Congratulations; oversized frames are no longer reserved for women’s sunglasses! Now, men can wear them too. It’s great news because big glasses are so comfortable because they cover a wide visual field. 

Oversized sunglasses give better protection from sun damage to the eyes and skin on the face than smaller ones. A pair of these is also a bold statement piece on a shaved head or a stubble chin.

Some celebrities who are famous for rocking big glasses are Brad Pitt and Bruno Mars.

Clear Frames

Transparent eyewear frames are new and we don’t know how we lived so long without them! Clear frames are so versatile because you can pair them up with any outfit and they’ll look good. 

So, you won’t have to own a ton of glasses to fit your whole wardrobe when you have this one.

Besides, you can show off your amazing eye color and flaunt your natural facial features with these minimalistic glasses. 

That said, clear frames can be seen on regular prescription spectacles and blue light glasses—those we use to reduce the glare from screens.

Sustainable Eyewear

You must have noticed lately how consumers prefer sustainable fashion over fast fashion. This has urged manufacturers to react accordingly and produce more eco-friendly merch.

In the eyewear market, some brands like Waterhaul and Sea2see use recycled materials like plastic water bottles and fishing nets to make frames for glasses.

Other labels take a different route by designing eyewear using biodegradable materials, such as bamboo and wood. Either way, these companies and their consumers are doing their part in supporting environmental sustainability.

Relatively new, eyeglass frames made of acetate are durable and come from renewable resources.

Filigree Frames

Thin metallic filigree frames are so in style. Their simplicity makes them subtle and they give a mysterious look to the wearer. They’re popular for prescription glasses and they come in many frame shapes like round, and hexagonal.

Tinted Glasses and Frames

Colored lenses are popular among iconic celebrities like Johnny Depp and Robert Downy Jn.  

We’ve seen tinted glasses in shades of pink, yellow, blue, brown, orange and others. By sporting a pair of colored specs, you can express yourself while matching the theme of your style.

With prescription glasses, these colored glasses have the added benefit of reducing the brightness of the light for extra comfort. You can find them either in a uniform color or a gradient with the darker part on top and fading into transparent towards the bottom of the glass.

At an absorption of 20-40%, you can wear tinted glasses comfortably both indoors and outdoors.

To Conclude

To sum up, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to eyewear trends of 2024. There are some timeless pieces like the Wayfarer, Aviator and Cat-eye frames; and there are new styles like colored lenses and clear frames.

Other fresh designs this year involve the use of sustainable materials in the making of the glasses, and intertwining technology with style. In the men’s section, an updated retro look is in style.

For your new pair of glasses, you can choose to combine a few elements from the current trends such as colorful hexagonal sunglasses, or aviator smart spectacles. 

Remember: always consider your face shape, lifestyle and profession when choosing your eyewear.