Stores Like Nordstrom: 12 Alternatives to Nordstrom

January 7, 2024

Tired of shopping in the same old Nordstrom store over and over again?

Nordstrom is definitely a lead retailer and a good place for those who favor a tailored, classic style. But we can see why you probably don’t want to shop there exclusively—some variety will do wonders for your wardrobe, after all.

Lucky for you, plenty of retailers share Nordstrom’s style, brand range, and shopping experience. Read on for the inside scoop on stores like Nordstrom!

Strongest Match: Nordstrom Rack

The Common Ground: Same company and similar selections

Yeah, we know we might be cheating a bit with this one. Still, we need to get it out of the way before we look at other alternatives that aren’t Nordstrom’s siblings.

As the off-price version of Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack focuses more on deals and discounts. You can expect to find merchandise from many of the same coveted designer labels carried at the original Nordstrom stores.

While Nordstrom’s shopping experience emphasizes exceptional customer service alongside its range of luxury inventory, Nordstrom Rack dials back the frills. Instead, the off-price division provides bargain-focused shoppers with a go-to destination.

That said, you might not find as many Nordstrom Rack locations. There are a little under 250 stores in the US and Canada.

Our Top Picks: 5 Alternatives to Nordstrom

1. Bloomingdale’s

The Common Ground: Shopping experience, brand overlap, and separate outlet division

Known for its iconic brown bags, Bloomingdale’s mirrors Nordstrom as an upscale American department store carrying a wide range of designer fashion alongside other home, beauty, and lifestyle merchandise. 

Bloomingdale’s shoppers can expect a similar caliber of brands as what may be found at Nordstrom. Think like rag & bone, Vince, and Burberry.

Overall, prices are largely on par between the two retailers.

Bloomingdale’s also operates discount stores under the name Bloomingdale’s Outlet, which is pretty much the same as Nordstrom Rack. Still, some loyal fans might not find Bloomingdale’s missing the sleek displays they’re used to seeing at Nordstrom Rack.

2. Saks Fifth Avenue

The Common Ground: Wide brand overlap and separate outlet store division

Saks Fifth Avenue competes neck-and-neck with Nordstrom when it comes to luxury fashion. After all, it carries a range of coveted designer labels like Gucci and Balenciaga.

With its elegant accessories, clothing, shoes, and home décor, Saks Fifth Avenue attracts wealthy customers looking for craftsmanship. Somehow, despite the luxury, Saks has a welcoming atmosphere.

But if you’re really bargain hunting, check out their Saks Off 5th outlets for marked-down goods.

3. Neiman Marcus

The Common Ground: Luxury brands and occasional clearances

Neiman Marcus stores are also a great place for luxury shopping.

While Neiman Marcus started shutting down its outlet stores (Last Call) back in 2020, there’s still a good opportunity for people on a budget. The sale sections on Nieman Marcus’s main website are quite tempting, especially the “new markdowns” category!

4. Macy’s

The Common Ground: Sizing range, similar styles, and demographic appeal

Macy’s is pretty much a one-stop shop for the whole family’s apparel. As a classic department store, it carries everything from budget-friendly basics to big-name brands to keep styles on-trend across categories.

Reports show that shoppers who buy from Macy’s might have some shared interests with those who shop at Nordstrom.

For one, 12% of Macy’s fans and 19% of Nordstrom’s fans follow home and interior decoration. Additionally, 55% and 58%, respectively, follow fashion trends at least somewhat closely.

That said, Macy’s attracts slightly more practical and price-focused shoppers compared to the fashion-conscious Nordstrom fans. So, you might gain new insights if you shift to Macy’s soon.

Fun Fact: Bloomingdale and Macy’s are sister companies, and both are good alternatives to Nordstrom!

5. Intermix

The Common Ground: Wide brand range and styling guides

Intermix blends emerging cutting-edge designers with more recognizable labels to intrigue customers keen on keeping their selections relevant. 

Intermix stylists can offer personalized suggestions tailored to your preferences and fashion needs. That does sound a lot like Nordstrom’s stylist services.

Their online shop lets you filter new arrivals by trends and occasions, too. So, shopping should be as easy as it is on Norstrom’s site!

Online-Focused Luxury Stores


The Common Ground: Has its in-house brands plus other labels

ASOS might not be as luxurious as Nordstrom. However, it does stock hundreds of brands alongside its in-house labels, which is a bit like Nordstrom’s Zella and Open Edit

7. Verishop

The Common Ground: Wide brand selection 

At Verishop, you can discover cool, niche designers next to big contemporary brands like Girlfriend Collective. It’s particularly good for finding unique boutique items without the hunt. And the store has wellness, home, and pet sections, too.

So, if you want elevated basics or to take a risk on lesser-known labels and products, it’s worth a browse. 

8. The Outnet

The Common Ground: Large brand selection with discounted prices

Did you know that Superbrands, like Chloé and Saint Laurent, are available on The Outnet for up to 70% off? Well, they (and 350+ other brands and designer labels) are. We say this makes the online store a great alternative to Nordstrom.

9. Net-a-Porter

The Common Ground: Coveted luxury brands and exceptional service

Since we’re speaking of The Outnet, we need to mention its sister site: Net-a-Porter.

If luxury designer fashion done right is your style, Net-a-Porter might just become your go-to. Shop everything from Altuzarra dresses to Saint Laurent bags. Just maybe don’t look at your credit card statement after.

10. Ssense

The Common Ground: Luxury vibes (with a youthful edge)

Craving designer streetwear or the next hot indie label? The Canadian retailer Ssense stocks those coveted finds from over 500 established houses and upstarts alike. So, whether your vibe is more Gucci or Acne Studios, you’ll find something worth a place in your wardrobe.

Heads up, though. It’s pronounced as “essence,” not “ess sense.”

11. 24S

The Common Ground: Luxury vibe (with a Parisian twist)

Fashion should know no boundaries. N’est pas? So why not look for the luxury vibes that you loved in Nordstrom at this Paris-focused store?

24S is actually part of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) group and partners with brands like Dior and Celine. That means you’ll find all the latest fashion you need straight off the streets of Paris!

12. Revolve

The Common Ground: Wide brand selection and appeal to younger shoppers

What started as a small online store operating from Los Angeles now ships the latest trends, from graphic tees to party dresses, to fans globally.

With a wide selection of clothes from Aureta, AIRE, Gucci, and tons more brands, Revolve can keep your wardrobe alive even after you stop shopping at Nordstrom.

Final Thoughts

With wide brand selections and their own outlet divisions, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s are an incredibly close match to Nordstrom.

Of course, Bloomie’s sister store, Macy’s, competes on price while carrying familiar brands in a convenient one-stop-shop setting. But you can still find familiar styles in Revolve, Ssense, and Neiman Marcus. Intermix even has a styling service like Nordstrom!

So take a look at each store. Hopefully, you’ll see a piece (or two) that reminds you of the good ‘old Nordstrom items.