Stores Like House of CB: The Best 10 Alternatives

January 17, 2024
brands like house of cb

Are you captivated by the allure of House of CB and eager to expand your wardrobe with similar styles? You’re in luck! 

We’ve compiled an exciting list of stores that echo the fashion prowess of House of CB.

Join us on this exploration for stores like House of CB, where we unveil alternatives that promise the same level of elegance and allure.

High-End Stores:


Are you dreaming of a boho-chic wardrobe filled with treasures? Anthropologie is your go-to destination. From top-rated styles to enchanting dresses and cozy loungewear, Anthropologie offers a collection that speaks to your bohemian soul.

Similarities Between Anthropologie and House of CB:

Artisanal Designs: Both Anthropologie and House of CB are known for appreciating artisanal designs.

Price Point: The price range of many categories in Anthropologie is similar to those of House of CB.

Mid-Range Stores:

2.Club L

Established in 2007, Club L is a UK-based brand that captures the essence of style akin to House of CB. Specializing in a splendid array of dresses, Club L offers a marvelous selection at a slightly more budget-friendly range compared to House of CB.

Similarities Between Club L and House of CB:

UK Fashion Hub: Club L, like House of CB, hails from the UK. So, they both infuse their designs with a touch of British fashion flair.

Dress Marvels: Both brands excel in offering a marvelous array of dresses, perfect for various occasions.

3.Urban Outfitters

If you’re a trend-lover, Urban Outfitters is your playground. This reputable brand is popular among young women. It offers a mix of trendy pieces and niche products inspired by vintage and indie designs. 

The versatility of Urban Outfitters’ pieces stands out, allowing you to dress up or down effortlessly. Best of all, the quality of the material is consistently high.

Similarities Between Urban Outfitters and House of CB:

Trend-Lovers’ Haven: Urban Outfitters, like House of CB, caters to those passionate about trends and youthful styles.

Versatile Fashion: Both ​​Urban Outfitters and House of CB offer versatile pieces that can be styled for various occasions. They provide casual, chic, and classy styles.

Quality Matters: The commitment to high-quality materials is a shared trait, ensuring each piece meets a standard of excellence.


Showpo is an Australian fashion retailer that stands as a go-to destination for those seeking gorgeous, high-quality party dresses that justify their price. 

The brand has swiftly gained momentum in the online fashion realm, securing its spot among the most sought-after fashion stores. This is thanks to its extensive collection that spans various styles and materials.

Similarities Between Showpo and House of CB:

High-Quality Party Dresses: Showpo, much like House of CB, excels in offering high-quality party dresses that elevate your glamour quotient for special occasions.

Vast Clothing Offerings: Both Showpo and House of CB boast extensive collections. They offer a wide range of clothing options that cater to different styles, materials, and fashion preferences.

Online Fashion Presence: Showpo, akin to House of CB, has made its mark in the online fashion world. They provide fashion enthusiasts with a convenient and accessible platform to explore and shop.

Budget-Friendly Stores:


ASOS is a revered and all-encompassing retailer considered a holy grail for fashion enthusiasts. 

It boasts an extensive collection featuring a myriad of brands and designers. So, it ensures a diverse range within every price point. 

Navigating the colossal collection on the website is made easy with user-friendly filters. These filters enable you to find the perfect outfit for any occasion effortlessly.

Similarities Between ASOS and House of CB

Massive Collection: Like House of CB, ASOS offers a vast and diverse collection. They ensure there’s something for every fashion taste.

Inclusive Price Range: Both brands accommodate a wide audience. They provide options from super affordable and cute pieces to high-fashion looks at a higher price point.

Trend Diversity: ASOS and House of CB embrace a diverse range of trends. As such, it can be a one-stop shop for exploring various fashion movements.

6.Fashion Nova

Embark on a journey into Instabaddie culture with Fashion Nova, the epitome of fast-fashion glory. It’s renowned for constant deals and a dynamic social media presence. It’s also well-recognized with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Cardi B and Kylie Jenner.

Similarities Between Fashion Nova and House of CB:

Budget-Friendly Trends: with the affordable prices of many of its items, Fashion Nova aligns with House of CB’s commitment to affordable yet stylish fashion.

Luxurious Options: Both Fashion Nova and House of CB offer a mix of affordable and more luxurious garments. They allow for a versatile shopping experience.


Crafted by women for women, Meshki stands as a testament to bold, sexy, and sleek fashion. This brand is renowned for its diverse selection of stunning dresses. It specializes in neutral tones, challenging the notion that neutrals can’t be daring. 

Meshki draws inspiration from contemporary trends, delivering clothing tailored to millennial women. It’s mastered the unique combination of affordability and stylish wearability.

Similarities Between Meshki and House of CB:

Women-Centric Vision: Meshki, like the House of CB, embraces a women-centric approach. They cater to the fashion desires of the modern woman.

Neutral-Toned Elegance: Both brands excel in offering neutral-toned clothing that exudes boldness, sexiness, and sleek sophistication.

8.Hello Molly

Join the Hello Molly fan club, where affordable glamour takes center stage. This store caters to those with a penchant for looking and feeling luxurious without breaking the bank. Picture yourself in dresses that exude Kardashian vibes at enticing price points.

Similarities Between Hello Molly and House of CB:

Affordable Luxury: Hello Molly aligns with House of CB in providing affordable options that allow you to indulge in the luxury of glamorous styles.

Dressing Like the Kardashians: Hello Molly and House of CB offer dresses that let you channel your inner Kardashian without the hefty price tag.


Step into the world of Lulus, where a fun and cute aesthetic meets approachable fashion. Lulus’ fashion exudes vibes perfect for picnics, Sunday brunch with the girls, or strolls through botanical gardens. 

With a vast assortment of clothing styles, Lulus caters to those seeking luxurious and bold options.

Similarities Between Lulus and House of CB:

Luxurious Options: Lulus, like House of CB, offers a variety of luxurious and bold clothing options that are perfect for making a statement.

Approachable Aesthetic: Both Lulus and House of CB prioritize an approachable and fun aesthetic.


Discover the chic versatility of Windsor, a dress shop offering women stunning ensembles for every occasion.

Beyond dresses, Windsor showcases a range of gorgeous styles. It encourages fashion enthusiasts to explore and embrace their diverse fashion offerings.

Similarities Between Windsor and House of CB:

Diverse Styles: Windsor and House of CB offer more than just dresses. They expand their collections to include various fashion styles to cater to diverse tastes.

Occasion-Ready Selection: Windsor, much like House of CB, is a perfect shopping destination for various events, from date nights to formal occasions like prom.

As you venture into the diverse fashion landscapes this list of brands offers, you’ll find a delightful array of styles resonating with House of CB’s allure. 

Still, each brand mirrors the essence of House of CB in its distinct way. Enjoy the journey of discovering these fashion havens where luxury meets affordability.